How do I know If he still loves me?

My boyfriend moved abroad to work for a couple of years. Now that he is back, he says that he would like to reconnect  The problem is that a lot of things in my life has changed. When we were together, I was not working for London escorts of, and now that I am, my lifestyle is totally different. He says that he still loves me, but can he handle the “new me”. When I told him that I worked for a London escorts service, he seemed to be a bit taken back.


It came as a bit of a shock to me that my boyfriend wanted to work abroad. At the time we were living together, and I even had to move out of the apartment we lived in. In many ways, I felt that he cast me to one side and that I was just left to get on with it. We did stay in touch but for me, it was like starting all over again. It was not until I joined London escorts, I finally managed to sort myself out. 


You can say that working for London escorts has given me a new lease of life. It can be hard to find a job that pays well in London, and I was lucky to get involved with London escorts. When my boyfriend left, I struggled for the next couple of months and had to move back in with my parents. It was upsetting but thanks to London escorts I did manage to get back on my feet. Now I have my own apartment in London, and I love my new life.


My boyfriend, or rather ex-boyfriend, wants to move in with him. He has managed to find a small studio to rent but says that he would rather live with me in my nice 2 bedroom apartment. I have made my flat very much into my own space. It is somewhere where I can go when I am not at London escorts, and I am not keen to share it with him at all. More than anything, I am not so sure that I will ever be able to trust my boyfriend if you know what I mean. To me, it seems like he just wants me to make life more convenient for him. 


I have told him that I would like to take it slow. He seems to think that we can pick up where we left off. I really don’t know where that is even. For now, I am happy working for London escorts and I enjoy the company of the men I meet at London escorts. He seems to think that my sole purpose in life is to be with him. I don’t agree with that at all, and since I have been working for the escort agency in London, I have become a lot more independent. Do I really need him? I am not sure that I do, and at the moment, I am not even in love with him.

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