Coffee Shop

The London coffee shop has become a bit of an institution in recent years. Coffee shops such as Starbucks and many other have spring up like mushrooms in London. They are a great idea as they are a cheap way to hang out and social with other London escorts. But since the coronavirus crisis began, even us girls at cheap escorts in London have been hanging out together less. Most coffee shops apart from the one able to provide a take away coffee service have been closed and it is has had a huge impact on the local economy in this part of London.

It is not only London escorts who like to hang out in coffee shops. Apart from London escorts, London’s many office workers used to spend a lot of money in them even visiting them several times per day. It is not unusual for London office workers to call in for breakfast, lunch and stop for a coffee after work. As a matter of fact, many coffee shops have replaced the traditional London pub scene which has been on the decline for ages.

Now many coffee shops frequented by the girls at the London escorts agency I work for, fear that they are going to have to close. Not only are us London escorts using them less, but many office workers are now working from home. The trend is set to continue as companies have discovered that working from home is a great solution for them. No longer do they need to worry about employees having to come into the office and spread the virus.

But, that is not great news for the average owner of a London coffee shop. Many of them are not seeing enough footfall to stay open and are beginning to close their doors. When I went for a walk in London the other day, I thought that it is more or less beginning to look like a ghost town. There are fewer workers than ever before and not that many shoppers about either. It does make you wonder what London is going to look like in a few years time.

Are we going to live our lives online more and more? I am sure that is exactly what it is going to happen. This is why so many London escorts work as outcall escorts. Even London escorts have very much become part of the ever growing home delivery trade which seems to be extending itself to all parts of the UK economy. Unless, coffee shop chains come up with a major rethink and remodelling of their businesses, I think that many of them are going to disappear from the high street along with clothes shop. It does make you wonder what is going to be left of the once thriving UK high street. It feels a bit strange and I for one will certainly miss our coffee shops and a chat with my girlfriends.

As local high streets are not just a place to eat, it is a place to socialise be with people.